Pistol / CCW Training Class

Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Course
This is the required State of Florida certificated firearms safety course, that covers firearms safety, on range qualification, individual legal responsibility and Florida law requirements. Please note: This is a beginners course that also qualifies you for your CCW permit.
Course Level: Beginner / Intermedite
Cost: $80
Length: 4 Hours
Ammunition Required: 25 – 50 rounds
Equipment Required: None. Handgun, and Eye & Ear Protection Rental are available at the range
Prerequisites: Students must be 21 years or older and able to demonstrate competency with a handgun.
Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 6:1
Maximum Number of Students: 6
2017 Course Dates (Call for appointment (561-844-1381) Monday – Saturday)
Booking and Cancellation Policy: Full payment will be due to the instructor at the start of class, cash, check, money order or credit card. If you are a no show for your class or cancel within 2 hours of class there will be an additional $25 fee added to your class when you re-schedule.

Advanced Concealed Carry
Course Brief: So you’ve got your Concealed Carry Permit, now what? This 4 Hour class covers those very next steps that everyone planning to carry a handgun for self-defense should learn. This is not a target shooting class, it’s learning to use your firearm in a realistic way to fight for your life and specifically addresses Concealed Carry issues. This is designed for current Concealed Carry Permit holders who would like to hone their personal protection skills for real life situations.
Course Level: Intermediate
Cost: $125
Length: 4 Hours
Skills that will be Worked On and Topics Discussed in this Class:
– Understanding Defensive Ammunition & Selection Criteria
– Situational Awareness & Tactical Planning
– Fighting Mindset
– Concealment Holsters / Carry Options
– Fitting Gun to Hand
– Understanding Stress Fire
– Understanding and Using Physical and Psychological Reactions to Lethal Force Confrontations
– Understanding Line of Sight in Combative Environments
– Correct Drawing Techniques
– Drawing from Concealed Carry
– Combative Shooting Positions
– Introduction to Combative Shooting Techniques
– Two Handed Subconscious Sight Picture Techniques
– Moving Off the X
Skills and Requirements Needed Coming Into this Class:
– Must be comfortable shooting and manipulating chosen handgun on your own in a traditional static range environment.
– Must have shot at least 500 rounds through the gun you will be using prior to this class.
– Must understand how your gun functions.
– Must be able to load, unload, show clear.
– For semi-automatic handguns, must be able to pull the slide back and lock it open (back) and clear a malfunction (jam).
– Must have concealed carry permit.
If you would like help with any of the above, we recommend booking a Private Training Session with one of our instructors prior to attending this class.
If you have any questions about the required equipment or how to prepare for this course, call or email me to discuss.
Prerequisite Courses which will Help You Obtain the Above Skills but are Not Mandatory:
Introduction to Handgun
– Private Instruction
Equipment List:
– Your Chosen Handgun for Concealed Carry
– Holster for your Chosen Handgun (See Holster Guidelines Below)
– Minimum of 2 Magazines for Semi-Automatic or Speed Loaders for Revolver (The more you bring, the more time you get to spend shooting!)
– 150-200 Rounds Ammunition (This may be purchased at the range.)
– Full-wrap Eye and Ear Protection (May be rented from the range.)
– Sturdy Belt (designed to hold the weight of a gun)
– Pants with Belt Loops
– Closed-toe Shoes
– No V-neck or Tank-top Shirts
– A Cover Garment such as a Lightweight Button-up Shirt.
– Pen and Paper
All students must arrive with the equipment/clothing listed above. Those without the required equipment will not be able to participate in the on-range portion of the course.
Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 4:1
Maximum Number of Students: 4:1

If you have any questions about the required equipment or how to prepare for this course, call (561) 844-1381 or email me (dennis@deadeyeacademy.com) to discuss.