Class G Firearm License Re-certification

 Class G Firearm License Re-certification

The 4 hour Class G License Re-certification Course will refresh armed security officers and armed private investigators with the skills necessary to re-qualify for the Statewide Firearms G License.
The Florida Class G Firearm License Re-certification Course will cover firearms safety, marksmanship principles, firearms mechanics and review Florida Statutes 493, 776,790. The Statewide G License Re-certification Course will refresh students skills in marksmanship fundamentals, loading and unloading, the 4-step draw and clearing malfunctions.

The Certificate of Proficiency for successfully completing the G License Recertification training will be submitted to the Division of Licensing for the annual qualification. The State of Florida requires all armed security and armed private investigators to qualify annually to maintain their Statewide Firearms License. 

Please click here for more information regarding the Annual 4 hour G re-certification requirements.

Statewide Firearm G License Re-certification Overview


Chapter 493, 775, 776, 790 Florida Statutes and Chapter 5N-1, Florida Administrative Code Review

Legal Issues: Liability Review

Firearms Safety Review

Marksmanship Fundamentals Review

Firearms Mechanics Review

Weapon Malfunctions Review

4-Step Draw Review

Range Qualification

Weapons Cleaning

Class lenght: 4 Hours

Cost $80