Armed Security Classes “G”

Statewide Firearms G Course 

The Statewide Firearms G Course will teach students firearms safety, the principles of marksmanship, firearms mechanics and liability. Skill development shall include marksmanship fundamentals, loading and unloading, the 4-step draw and clearing malfunctions. 

The Certificate of Completion for successfully passing the Statewide Firearms G Course will be submitted along with the Department of Agriculture, Division of Licensing, Statewide Firearms “G” License Application. When the student receives the Class “G” Security License he or she will then be able to work security or as a private investigator in an armed capacity.

All Statewide Firearms G Course material is in compliance with Florida Statute 493 and Florida Administrative Code legal guideline 5N-1.

Course length: 28 Hours

Cost: $180

Minimum class size: 4